Dressage pony for sale


Talented dressage pony

Dressage pony for sale Talented dressage pony
Country: Netherlands 
Age: 11 Year
Gender: Mare 
Level: ZZ 
Breed: NRPS 
Colour: Chestnut 
Price: On demand 
Placed by:Carmelina
Creation date:26-9-2017
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Because of reaching the age of 18 of our daughter, it is now time to find a loving new home for us ' buddy ' Donatello du Bois.
Donatello is a 11 year old star sports performance D-pony gelding with a height of 147 cm. He is born on the famous du Bois stud farm, where for many top sport ponies came from.
Donatello has good moves and is a handsome and sturdy pony in the ring. He is versatile trained, in addition to the dressage (Z2 + 15) in which he has won many awards and titles already, he is also L-jumping and B-composed start entitled. He also has several times taken part in major events like the National championships, NRPS Subli-Cup, KNHS instruction weeks and Horse Event.
We make in alternation also regularly a forest or beach ride or drive just a round through the polder with him. He is also very easy and relaxed and not afraid of other road users and agricultural vehicles.
In all this has Donatello also an unprecedented friendly and patient character, is friends with everyone and builds in particular with his rider a close bond.
He is easy on the trailer, also with other horses, and he is easy to load and unload by 1 person. He is well-behaved at veterinarian, blacksmith, shaving, dentist and osteopath. He is in general social to other horses and has a lot of affection with dogs and cats.
We have Donatello now 8 years in our possession, in this day and age has never been sick or crippled, he has also never had colic.
In short a pony with many talents! that his next rider will give many great years, whether it is already an experienced rider with ambitions to climb in the sport, or a beginner. He will make everyone happy.
More information like via WhatsApp +31 6 51627956 or +31 114 361875 or email cmcdenboer@gmail.com.

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